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Discover the secrets of genetic psychology with our manual.

We believe that every person is a source of untold knowledge and that our lives are rooted in our genetics. Our research, published in 2019, delves into the basic psychology of life and provides a deeper understanding of the meaning of human existence.

With our manual, you can learn how to put this knowledge into practice, leading to a life filled with comfort, freedom, and self-awareness. By purchasing our manual, you'll gain the tools to transform your life and rid yourself of psychological suffering. It's suitable for those seeking real results and is recommended for those struggling with depression, anxiety, burnout, and other related issues.

Our manual is written for both employees and employers and is a cognitive-content-text solution for anyone looking to boost their mental and physical resilience. Teach the contents of our manual to your children and ensure that future generations have a better understanding of how they function mentally and physically.Start your journey towards a better life and buy our manual today

The manual's price is limited

If you are skilled, you will see results within a month. If you are less skilled, within a year. Please divide the current manual price by 12 to get the monthly manual price, which is still advantageous today. If you're a learning genius, you'll get started within 48 hours. Let us know. You get 60 minutes of free consulting time in both Slovak and English automatically with the manual.

We provide valuable knowledge in one PDF manual because our goal is to raise enough funds through its sale that FROQUENT company can develop and program an application for the general public. This application will include all the knowledge we possess and have successfully explored. Everyone wants to live comfortably, and this application can make that happen.

As a token of gratitude for your initial trust, manual owners will receive recognition for their effort to live better in the form of an "investor-leader" position in the application. We are looking for skilled, stubborn, slightly selfish individuals who know that discipline, proper thinking, and skills require a strong psychological foundation in their lives. And genetic psychology is the only one that can bring this stability. If you are a millionaire, you should still consider the manual. Stress never brings a feeling of inner happiness.

For Whom the Manual is Not Intended

If you are someone who may only be curious or unsure if you truly desire change in your life, then this manual is not for you. If you prefer to live with feelings of sadness, pain, thoughts of failure, and constantly reliving past hurts, then it is not yet time for you to own the activation training manual.

It may interest you to know that feelings of sadness, weakness, failure, and the need to escape into fantasy trigger our brain only when we refuse to live in cooperation with our innate genetic psychology. If your life is currently overwhelmed with this type of non-functioning life full of negative emotions, and doubts, and despite heavy emotions, you still do not desire real change, then we do not recommend our manual to you. Please come back when you are ready to make a change. You will be warmly welcomed.

For Whom the Manual is Ideal

This manual is only intended for those people who require sober, truthful, timeless, sincere, and meaningful information that they want and need to use for their own benefit and to achieve their set goals and plans. They love the flow of development and the feeling of having been right.

The activation training manual is only for those interested parties who can handle and need to see real situations without fiction, fantasy, or imagination. They need clear and flexible thinking in their work and can immediately apply their newfound knowledge. They want to understand others, understand cognitive mechanisms, effectively communicate with others, and implement their newfound knowledge into projects. And only in their free time do they focus on visions, and imaginings that their mindset does not confuse.

Discovering Your Genetic Psychology: Unlocking Lifetime Mental and Physical Strength

By purchasing the manual and the training contained within it, you will gain lifelong mental and physical toughness and the ability to discover new skills. You'll also have a better understanding of how your genetics and mind work together. While in movies, this may be portrayed as supernatural abilities, we cannot guarantee that you will start flying. Your practice will open up new possibilities and opportunities for growth every day.

A life without stress, tension, depression, and ignorance is achievable through genetic psychology, which offers a combination of everything that works in the spiritual, atheist, scientific, or religious world.

Why hasn't someone discovered these insights earlier? It's challenging to maintain a connection with genetic psychology after birth and learn its rules. But with the authors, it's possible. They are not salespeople, they are the authors of this discovery and knowledge. By purchasing the manual directly from the authors, you can achieve these benefits. Welcome.

# You can live stress-free

Do you want to live a life that is guided by your genetics? Our genetics shape who we are, from our physical characteristics to our thoughts and emotions. Everything we've ever discovered as a species is a result of our genetics. But what if there is even more to learn about the power of genetics?

There are different ways to approach life with a focus on genetics. Some people may view it through a religious lens, seeing themselves as living the life and psychology of the creators. Others may see it as a chance for total freedom and truth, or as an opportunity for spiritual enlightenment. From a medical perspective, genetics can help us better understand how our bodies function. As scientists, we can use genetics to find solutions to problems. And as industrialists, we can use genetics to create the future.

No matter how you choose to live your life with genetics, the important thing is to be open to the endless possibilities that genetics offers. The universe is vast and full of diversity, and we can all be free to explore the unique mix of genetics that make us who we are.

Are you ready to embrace the power of genetics and live a stable psychology? Our project is looking for the first 3,000 people who are willing to commit to living a stable psychology. If you're interested, consider signing up for a training program where you can be the main character. Together, we can create a brighter future for ourselves and for humanity.

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NAPS - Only in Slovak Language

A comprehensive explanation of the DNA of human psychology, what it means to know, to have, and to go forward.
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Manual Activation Training

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"Future NEWS: Humanity is accepted into a community of space civilizations that also have an existence of life based on the line of life they live. Our civilization cooperates and is accepted in the cosmic communities. The basis of acceptance was the fact of the acceptance of genetic psychology in human beings that originated on planet Earth."

Future NEWS

"Future NEWS: *2020*2023 The name of FROQUENT appears in the archives and lists investors as those who have helped make the world a better place to live in. We find here the first record of the launch of the app. This is followed by a list of corporations that have continued the project. The linking hierarchy is global."

Future NEWS

"Future NEWS: the world can finally travel through space. The app helped process the data without showing signs of detoxing from outdated stimuli. Artificial intelligence supports human life as a priority. For the first time in its existence, the world and humanity feel psychological relief and contentment."

Future NEWS

"Future NEWS: the app is celebrating its 750th year. Each generation creates its incentive for development. Humanity lives the psychology of lineage genetics. Artificial intelligence does not interfere with human freedom, on the contrary, it helps and accelerates evolution. In man, excess stress and reactions of aggressive behavior have disappeared. In genetics, redundant mutations have been eliminated without the need for human intervention."

Future NEWS

"Future NEWS: man has learned from history. The world can finally work together without fear. It is accepting a 3-fold increase in the Earth's population, there are now 18 billion of us, and there is plenty of room. Humanity has relocated to a neighboring planet. We have discovered an efficient method of intergalactic transportation. Humanity is communicating with the universe.Our civilization has discovered new resources in space. For humanity, this discovery immediately makes life easier. It has confirmed that man's genetic potential has a long-lasting edge in innovation."

Future NEWS

"Future NEWS: recently the app was launched in developing countries. It immediately discovered dormant creators who have proven themselves in the space fuel development industry. In 2027, most innovations and solutions have emerged to solve climate change and the energy needs of the population and industry. Corporations themselves admit that this solution has resolved decades of disagreements."

Future NEWS





Gabiela K

"I have to share the good news. When our genetics are in sync, it's like a natural boost of dopamine in the body. It feels like a reward for taking care of myself. And suddenly, I feel reborn. I even taught my 82-year-old mom how to do it and she experienced the same rejuvenation. Rejuvenation truly comes from within and it's up to us to tap into it."

Peter M

"I have noticed a significant improvement in all aspects of my life, including communication with my family and coworkers. My relationship with my wife has also improved. I used to believe that life was complicated, but now I understand that it doesn't have to be. Activating my genetics has had a positive impact on my wife and children as well. My daughters, who are 12 and 14, have even noticed a difference in their ability to learn. The techniques outlined in the manual have truly been transformative and the effects are lasting. I am grateful to the author for their dedication to this research and for making it available to the public. I highly recommend the manual to anyone looking to improve their lives and relationships."

Alexandra S

"I used to struggle with anger and stress on a daily basis, but after using the DNA psychology techniques outlined in the manual, I noticed an immediate shift in my behavior. Not only did I feel a burst of energy and clarity, but my kids started paying attention to me and my relationship with my mom even improved. It's amazing how just a few small changes can have such a big impact on our lives. I'm grateful to the authors for their research and for sharing their knowledge with the world."