About music


The FROQUENT real restart music, is the TONES, which alternate rhythmically, complement and accompany each other. 
The experience of release will be revealed after a few minutes, or hours. Music is perceived by our body naturally and reactively.
MUSIC STYLE from FROQUENT brings, as the first one, a new concept in the world of music. We are talking about a real reaction stimulation in the human body. Targeted phrasing of tones and sounds helps trigger spontaneous remission.
But when does the human body trigger this remission? The result comes individually. However, we observe first minimal reactions during the first sounds of the orchestral performance.
REPLAY is a system of repeatedly listening of a song until the result is achieved. Changes are invisible, inconspicuous and tender to our body. We have chosen the sound of tones as a way to help all those who REALLY NEED it.
It is amazing to perceive the reaction of the body after the end of the real restart songs. Listening to your favourite song or your favourite artist, after completing MUSIC, will bring a new dimension to your experience. It is interesting to observe the subtle changes that, thanks to MUSIC, we can head, develop, and thus consciously determine our own results. 
REAL RESTART by FROQUENT is music, modern classical music that helps get rid of what we don't want and supports what we want. It sounds unbelievable, but we will experience such results with our music. We noticed it during the creation itself. At the beginning, we wanted to find the right tones. Our joy was convinced by the effect of our work, so after the implementation we're bringing it to you as well.
Yes, we know there are times when you need to restart several times. You can cook, wash, iron, walk. Being in a car, in the subway, traveling by train and plane. You are not disturbing anyone and at the same time, your restart is in the world. It's real.
How does it work?
Set a goal. Play REAL RESTART FROQUENT MUSIC. Play the song multiple times. And enjoy the results. Restart of sleeping skills, clear mind, flexible reflexes.
Decide - Realize - Discover 
Gradually eliminate stress, tension. Start after burnout and use unfamiliar creativity. There are more options.
The changes come gently and gradually. Follow our recommendations and discover a new dimension of perception.
We have prepared several versions of the restart for you. They help our minds think flexibly. Learn more easily. Soothe thoughts that have become unmanageable.
The rhythm (rhythmic real restart music by froquent) is the same for the first hearing. Realistically as long as you hear the rhythmic alone you have clear evidence that something in your cognitive processes is suspended or inhibited. Rehabilitation begins the moment you no longer hear the rhythmic. Your perception of the music opens up and you begin to hear a full range of tones that alternate, complement and play. At that point, you begin to feel the music in your physical body, and you begin to live the effects of the music realistically in your life. You will surely be intrigued to know that science has already confirmed the effects of music on the human body and has confirmed that music can trigger spontaneous remission in the human body.

You can try our music before buying full digital album on our PATREON.

Try to see music as a conversation between a man and a woman. Make up your own story. Reboot yourself.
Music that supports your genetic instructions.