About music


FROQUENT's REAL RESTART music uses targeted tones and sounds to trigger a spontaneous remission in the body. The effects may be felt within the first few minutes or hours of listening. This music, which we call a "real reaction stimulation," is a new concept in the world of music. It can help eliminate stress and tension, boost creativity, and even improve sleep and cognitive skills.

To experience the benefits of REAL RESTART music, simply set a goal and play the song multiple times. You may notice subtle changes in your body and mind as you listen. And when you're finished, try listening to your favorite music – you may find that it has a whole new dimension after listening to REAL RESTART.

We offer several versions of REAL RESTART, each designed to help you think more flexibly and learn more easily. And you can try our music for yourself before committing to a full digital album by visiting our PATREON page.

So why wait? Start your journey to a new, refreshed you with REAL RESTART music by FROQUENT.