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The idea to establish a new brand FROQUENT was born in 2020. The basis for the brand was provided by IDMT® Inside Data Mastering Technology and 49LLey®, which have been officially active on the market since 2009 and 2015 respectively. They represent the works and private research of Ildikó Csölle, founder of "DNA Psychology©". FROQUENT is an innovative superstructure that saves time and effort in the transformation of the topic of personality development in human beings. The co-founder and owner of the FROQUENT® brand is Emil Georgiev. The company that bears the same name as the FROQUENT brand was founded in 2021 in Hungary/Europe.

FROQUENT offers easily accessible digital products for an easy, stable RESTART in music and content. You will find our music execution offering under the name REAL RESTART MUSIC by Froquent and our content methodology offering under the name MANUAL ACTIVATION TRAINING. 

Our mission

Our Work

Officially, our work falls under extra-curricular education. From the perspective of official medicine and science, we fall between alternatives in personality development.
We operate as a private sector. Behind our work are several years of research, which we have currently compared with the results of science.

We have been inspiring science with our work for over 40 years. Scientists are human too and they also like to read books on alternatives. We inspire and move the development of civilization forward without systemic recognition and official awards, as we are not registered in official science.We are free and free.

This gives us the space to explore and observe even those details that science and the education system do not currently approve of. We fund our research from our resources. We have been publishing findings officially since 2005. Books, consultancy, training, courses, mentoring, ebooks, methodologies, tools, and games for children and adults.

We have duly and officially worldwide copyright protected and registered according to the current laws of international agreements on copyright, protection rights, and rights to methodologies, systems, and information content. We have obtained the authorization for genetic psychology research from the DNA lineage of life itself. Every born, a living human being has such authority. However, only 0.1% of individuals retain a genetic link to an inherited DNA database during their lifetime, from which they can freely and purposefully draw insights to construct the most important psychology for human beings.

Human genetics is currently evolving and this evolutionary stage of human DNA is natural at this time in the human population. We point to the development of the youngest part of the brain - the neocortex. In the manual, you will get all the details, reasons, and facts. We support your new lifestyle...We save you 50 years of daily research and give you access to neutral methodologies to reconnect to your genetic database. And we do this technically so that we don't have to interfere with your beliefs, your worldview, your system of habitual thinking, and your way of life. You will only use this knowledge as an important adjunct and a higher level of your living. Without exhaustion. Helping you to function better physically, fitness-wise, mentally, and developmentally is vital. Our methodologies are not a cure for your problems. They are an opportunity to gain true insights into our lives so that the range of your problem-solving opportunities develops and progresses. We neutrally offer knowledge.

The use of the knowledge depends on your skill and desire to educate yourself in the future according to your chosen fields. 

Our mission
Our mission

Our Services

Our services have been sought out for years by business owners, marketing specialists, the advertising industry, scientists, students, professors, teachers, and politically oriented individuals.

References are harder to come by with us. Our services have been stable for years, due to our clients' purposeful adherence to discretion.

One of the reasons is that our work continues to fall under alternative education in 2022. We have completed our research.

Our task was to conceive a detailed methodology for personality development that is consistent with human genetics.

We are the authors of "Foundations of DNA Psychology." You are witnessing the process of their gradual publication to the general public. We are launching this goal and purpose of ours at a leisurely pace starting in 2021 under the FROQUENT® brand. Before FROQUENT®, we operated under the brand names Inside Data Mastering Technology - IDMT®, 49LLey® - stimulus-assisted developmental tools for children and adults. But let's look for the individuals behind it all.

More informations about years of work and publications here:

Every great project starts with one person. The others will gradually join in. 

What we bring

We bring you detailed insights from the field of genetic psychology, which we have called in our work "DNA psychology©". With us, you will gain knowledge and a solid foundation that you can develop. As a new generation, you have the chance to continue our work. And we offer this opportunity to you too.

Our goal is to bring a digital version of our knowledge to the public. In the form of an app. By buying the manual you are thus at the same time showing sympathy with our project, with the idea of being part of the development of civilization in the future, and at the same time you are giving your consent to a development that will help your life to live "without questionable psychology". We will also surprise you in the manual.

Therefore, we would appreciate it if you would remain steadily in our community of new lifestyle and new psychology. Our manual is suitable for leaders. For people who would like to benefit from the new psychology in the future as well. We also open our doors to complete beginners. You will get an important head start on the topic of personality development. Comprehensive knowledge is easily written, technical, and understandable with light rhetoric in MANUAL ACTIVATION TRAINING.

Living a new lifestyle, with the genetic psychology you have innately means freedom for you and the never-ending development of your potential, which you increase every day from the first training with your own goals, tasks, and desires. You will notice the difference in living gradually. You will witness your development, which you can consciously explore further as a scientist who has been empowered by life itself. Your contribution will be appreciated by others, whom you will charm with your healthy charisma, your vital self-confidence, and your inexhaustible source of energy. You will be rewarded by your own and regular production of happiness hormones in your physical body, as a reward for your proper adherence to the rules of genetic psychology. You can learn this in a day. The important thing is to train cooperation with your genetics.

It took us over 40 years to try out the "HOW". Now it's really easy. All you need is a manual and to follow the instructions on HOW TO TRAIN IT. Just do this training once in a lifetime and memorize it. Use this whenever you need to. Your genetics will reward you. You will open up your own genetic "flow" and experience mental freedom to the fullest. The first reward will come in changing the production of negative thinking. Genetics will leave you with only safety negative perceptions, and warnings of life-threatening situations. So that you have a chance to protect your life effectively and in advance. These confirmations are reported to us after a few days or weeks by everyone who has purchased the manual.

The manual has been on sale behind the scenes since 2021. We wanted to make sure it works for everyone. The only thing we can't guarantee is your endurance training. We can't guarantee you will get results without training. You need to consider buying the manual and not expect miracles. Human genetics has its psychology and does not respond to fiction, or ideas. It is not enough to think that you are training. This training requires your physical presence. Even 6-year-olds have mastered it, so it's easy. We prefer to warn you before you buy the manual. A person's genetics respond to realistic goals, right. To trigger its potential, you need to train yourself according to its instructions. The instructions are described in the manual. We explain in detail everything you need for your quality reboot, rebirth, and the start of success. Your lifeline will take care of the rest. Fortunately, we all inherit genetics, if you are human, everything you need is at your disposal. Just train it or in other words activate it.

That's why it's called MANUAL ACTIVATION TRAINING.

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