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Experience your own genetic psychology in your life with the NAPS technique.

Nocturnal Stimulus Processing Analysis for adults 18 years and older.

Apply before sleep for 21 seconds.

Please see the E-book for details of the methodology.

E-Book PDF format.

Printable at your own expense. Immediately available for download upon payment.

Only Slovak language for now.

Total number of pages: 43

*What is NAPS ?

- NAPS is a methodology that helps a person during sleep.

*During sleep ? How can the methodology help if we are asleep ?

- That's the amazing thing about NAPS. The methodology itself is applied just before going to sleep. Or a few minutes before bedtime. It is a stimulus to our brain where we use our eyes - visual perception, which is fully functional even when we are tired and go to sleep.

So *it's a methodology, a technique that we use before we go to bed, yes? What specifically?

- Yes, it's easier than it seems. NAPS may look like a complicated technique, but it's easy even for children. We recommend it more to adults because children need to be worked with and the NAPS methodology does not contain this information. At bedtime, you use a stimulating visual aid that activates the part of the brain that is responsible for waking consciousness.

*Are we going to wake up before going to bed?

- I wouldn't exactly call it that. But we can imagine it like this. The NAPS ebook does not include these explanations. In the table of contents, we explain what will happen to the person so that they have the information. We are stimulating the brain to cooperate at night with our consciousness as if we were awakened during sleep.

*And this is possible?

- Yes it is. The NAPS technique has been trained officially since 2011 under the name of dream clearing. It wasn't until 2016 that it took on the new name NAPS Technique. It was only when we had enough testimonials and feedback from users. They all achieved the same results. Those results were about sleep, where the conscious mind woke up and took into account the processes and mechanisms of genetics, which at night cleanses and cleanses our information in the subconscious mind. Because of this, we are better able to regenerate at night, to address the skills we need during the day for normal life and performance.

*Do you look at the processes of genetics while you sleep? And do you sleep?

- Yes, like after a relaxing stay. The body is otherwise rested. There is better self-healing of the body. We learn during sleep from our genetics how to perceive the reactionary emotions that it sends to our body during the day. It is full of useful information for human life. It's like a book that has been millions of years in writing. An experience you won't get any other way.

*But genetics is said to be just a bio mechanism that doesn't reason.

- Well, that's what we thought too. It's just that the NAPS technique opens up access to its psychology. And that's a completely different psychology than we normally know. If you are a scientist and you study human genetics, be sure to get the NAPS methodology, you will bring new insights to the scientific field.

*She's thinking? I'm sorry, that sounds unbelievable. Our genetics are thinking, is she smart?

- More than we can imagine. Yet she shuts down our minds every night, and she has her logical reasons. The NAPS technique will let you in at its gates. It pulls you to the gates of inner insight where you can educate yourself.

*We're not getting in? Into it?

- No, she protects herself from our minds and our subconscious. Otherwise, she wouldn't have to clean it, tidy it, or fix it. She doesn't let us in consciously, but she allows us to observe her activity. Over time, and after repeated NAPS, she even begins to teach us how to work with her.

*Who gets there?

- Statistically, yes. We know from experience that only those users who don't dream at all have a problem. It takes them longer. Some have succeeded but others have not succeeded at all. We don't know the reasons, we can't get into their genetics. We can only get to our ones. But if you have, from time to time, at least minimally, short dreams and remember them after waking up then with the NAPS technique you can get to your genetics. It will draw you in.

*How can a person use the knowledge from genetics?

- You will be surprised. But only after you wake up and during the day as you work and live. It's as if you've inherited a book of knowledge about life and interpersonal relationships. It's as if you've received another diploma from college. From two colleges. And you know you're going to the next one. Knowledge users use in work, in relationships, and in issues of their health. In issues of human existence daily. Many athletes have improved their training during the day by looking at how their muscles and reflexes react while they sleep. We have had mixed responses.

*Where can I purchase the NAPS ebook, technique?

- On our store, digitally. You can get started tonight.

*When can I expect the first results?

- This is individual. On average within 7 days, maximum within 18 days. To be on the safe side, we give 21 days. Two cases out of hundreds of users reported that it took them more than 30 days, but they had mini genetics reactions within 10 days of first applying the NAPS technique.

*What does it depend on?

- On your genetics. They need to start trusting you. It has to trust your consciousness and then it will invite you in, pull you in. It will awaken you to an experience that cannot be had anywhere else. Only in you. Inside and only when you are asleep. And it will give you a feeling of security. She will never go against you, it is you after all. You are the genetics.

*And after a while, what comes?

- I won't tell, I won't tell - you'll love it. We've been NAPSing for years and it's a common skill for us. But expect a different dimension of being. More ease and understanding. And ease.

*Why doesn't the public know anything about the NAPS technique?

- Because we've been researching behind the scenes further. You don't want to reveal your strengths unless you have to.

*Why now?

- Because we researched what we needed to. We're finalizing our project and we're officially calling it a start-up. The NAPS technique is a way to get a taste of what we claim and an amazing tool for self-development. It will be appreciated by those who don't have the time and have to perform. NAPS is applied before bedtime, you can even forget about NAPS during the day. The aid is at the bedside. You apply it even tired or after a party. Even so, it works. Years of practice have confirmed this for us.

*This is to wish everyone a good night.

- Sure. Sleep well and use sleep to your advantage. Have a good night's sleep.

Questions answered by the author of the NAPS technique, Ms. Ildikó Csölle