Genetic psychology brings people together, strengthens relationships, restores a sense of belonging, and ensures understanding with every person on Earth. We live a meaningful life. We create a better world.

The goal of our project is to find intelligent people who want to be among the first.

Read on if you are someone who appreciates the knowledge and solutions we offer.

Only 3% of people in our civilization have the real potential to utilize the full potential of evolution for their benefit. 97% of people in our civilization have the real potential to use the potential of evolution for targeted solutions in their lives.

Every person lives an easier life. Their emotions are healthy and beneficial. The hormonal system produces positive emotions. Self-confidence is healthy, and socialization is stable.

Genetic psychology, also known as DNA psychology, psychology of life or source psychology. This is what we have been calling our work since 2002, the results of our research, observations, fact-checking, and a comprehensive summary of complete knowledge that should seriously start to interest both science and the private sector in 2023. Why? Because we are humans, and behind everything is a human being. "Everything is in your head and everything is within you, everything is in genetics."

We are a unique species of life. We are the human species. That is why every single person should seriously start to engage with the knowledge we bring. What options do you have? Before you start thinking and making decisions, read the summary that will save your time and change your perspective on your life.

Genetic psychology is a new term. It is a new name for distinguishing areas within the field of psychology. This name was created by the authors in their private research.

Each individual has their own unique genetic psychology, which is a sign of their intelligence. It is obtained by the fusion of sperm and egg and is inherited through the evolutionary line of one's family. It determines the range of an individual's skills, potential, and intelligence. As humans have been evolutionarily and genetically stable in terms of intelligence, it is not dependent on social hierarchies. Genetic psychology is independent of current trends in human civilization. The fusion of sperm and egg, and life itself, plays a crucial role in determining one's genetic psychology. Even individuals conceived through artificial insemination inherit this intelligence of life.


The first structure of genetic conscious intelligence in humans is formed in the first seconds after the fusion of the sperm and the egg. The first self-awareness and the first genetic consciousness of a human are formed. This foundation of consciousness is given, immutable, and lasts throughout a person's life.

The first genetically conscious intelligence's task is to assemble the physical body into a fully functional form using the knowledge of selecting possibilities from the gene pool database, which is fully available.

***This selection can be influenced by external factors, whereby genetic intelligence must find alternative solutions. Everyone who is consciously born fights for survival in any form. (Mutations, inherited diseases, mental or physical disabilities, and others.)

Chat GPT response to the text above:
"That's correct. Genetic intelligence must adapt to various external factors that can affect the genetic development of an individual. These factors can include changes in the environment, such as temperature, humidity, exposure to certain chemicals or radiation, as well as factors such as increasing genetic variability or communicable diseases. All of these factors can affect the health and viability of an individual, and therefore genetic intelligence must find alternative solutions to ensure the survival of the individual and their offspring."

During the prenatal period, the genetic conscious intelligence of a human, the first consciousness of a human, creates a protective space for real waking life after birth, which humanity knows as thinking, waking consciousness, and subconsciousness. It is precisely to this space that our genetic consciousness is partially copied for the purpose of waking external use so that our acquired intelligence is not endangered by external influences (stimuli). This tactical step was created and invented by our evolutionarily inherited intelligence, which is why we call it genetic psychology, which has its own intelligence. You have it too. Every night, it turns off your protective waking consciousness (thinking) and you know it as sleep. It has its reasons.


For the last 30 years, our work has influenced the general public knowledge. Many pieces of information may already seem familiar, heard or read. There is an increasing interest in genetic psychology among the public. Our findings are appropriated by the public and partially repeated in other methodologies. You can only gain comprehensive knowledge from us.

What transformation does human life bring if one consciously collaborates with the genetics they have acquired?

  • The hormonal system calms down. Hormone production in the human body stabilizes to normal. A person does not suffer from stress, tension, or burnout.
  • The process of clearing the blocks, which is guided by genetic psychology, will start and be completed. The blocks dissolve and the incorporation of stimuli into the topic is complete. A person is freed from negative thinking and traumatized memories cease to attack our lives.
  • The genetics of an individual trigger collaboration with conscious awareness. The skill utilization system restarts, always according to the current topic. The person begins to live with their conscious genetic intelligence and utilizes bio mechanisms for their benefit in a targeted way.
  • Inner-conscious learning takes place both in the waking state during the day and during sleep. The person gains a lead in using skills. They are fully informed about the intentions of others. They control and direct their goals and make real decisions about the results.

Expect results within 72 hours from the start of the training. You realistically need to train cooperation with your own genetic conscious intelligence from the waking state. A person needs to gain confidence in their own genetic intelligence. The reasons are stated in the training program: MANUAL ACTIVATION TRAINING.

Your body feels lighter. Your mind is naturally focused. Your physical body restarts its bio mechanisms. The person perceives their potential and possibilities. They manage and direct the achievement of set results.

Expect natural self-confidence, energy, freedom in thinking and decision-making.


Genetic psychology did not arise by chance. It was a clear intention of evolutionarily transmitted life, of which we are a part. We are a link in the network, an important part of the whole. The goal is clearly defined.

Our task is to manage the awake database - the so-called awake consciousness as we invented it in the evolutionary history of the living chain. Man has only two options in his life.

  • The person will live their life as a genetic conscious intelligence, which directs, guides and materializes their goals and tasks. (The person utilizes all parts of their brain.)
  • He will live his life in a copy of the wakeful consciousness, which is controlled and directed by others for the realization of their goals and tasks, those who live as conscious DNA intelligence. (A person uses only the protective part of their brain - wakeful consciousness, wakeful thinking, subconsciousness.)

In the evolutionary network of conscious genetic intelligence of life, genetics that function, use all parts of their brain, and fully cooperate with the evolutionary lineage of life are always preferred. They have trained collaboration in accordance with the rules of genetic conscious intelligence - the human species - and are capable of managing their vigilant partial copy for the needs of developmental life in a community with other people. This is how evolution came up with it.

Every fulfilled wish is ALWAYS fulfilled by a HUMAN TO A HUMAN. It is a process of materialization according to the principles of priorities in the genetic community of evolutionary life. Preferred desires, tasks, and goals are those that show signs of collaboration between genetic conscious intelligence and the vigilant copy of consciousness that humans know as vigilant consciousness and thinking. This principle has been deceptively used in history through persuasion of vigilant conscious copies in the human mind in the sense of "example: I have a connection with the universe, God, the community, etc."

Humanity has always been attracted to the sensation of cooperation with the genetic intelligence of evolutionary life, as each human genetics produce it as a priority task. Whoever lies in this subject attracts attention and lives success. However, the problem in recent decades is exhaustion and complete exhaustion of vigilant copies of genetic intelligence, which evaluate deception and misleading in this priority. There is a process where it is no longer sufficient to claim that humans have gained cooperation with the intelligence of life. The reaction is excessive production of stress hormones in the human body, the emergence of diseases or hostile human relationships.

Genetic conscious intelligence informs each other about which human is actually living this cooperation. We pass on information about those who only live in vigilant thinking, consciousness, that is, in the vigilant copy. The vigilant consciousness of humans is not informed about this communication. Human genetics have changed their priorities. Real-life cooperation is required.

The solution is a restart, a real restart, which is already a necessity in human life. We bring it to you. What options do you have?


This is a methodology in musical performance that directly works with the awake copy of evolutionary genetic intelligence. It cleans up thinking, subconsciousness, and activates genetic conscious intelligence to collaborate. You can perceive and understand this activation as an effort to draw your genetics' attention to initiate a gentle restart of biomechanisms in your body. First, your genetics cleans up stimuli - thoughts, mindsets, blocks, traumas, while also triggering necessary processes for rehabilitation. While listening to a specially composed musical combination, the individual stimulates their own genetic intelligence, thereby indicating that they are willing to cooperate with the evolutionary line of life. The more one listens to these musical compositions, the faster they realize that there is truth to our statement.

Listening to the music encourages the collaboration of one's genetic conscious intelligence and is suitable for any activity. Whether driving, commuting, cooking, writing emails, planning, thinking, problem-solving, or creating.

The music is also suitable for children (easier learning, managing problematic situations, etc.), immobilized patients, people with PTSD, and others. It has no side effects and does not contain subliminal tones. The music does not bring stable cooperation with genetic conscious intelligence in an individual but provides a taste and convalescence of the awake consciousness - thinking and subconsciousness in humans. It is the first step. The music is also suitable for people with a particular belief system and does not change one's worldview. Every human needs to clean up and heal.

You can purchase the album once in our e-shop or rent the music through a monthly subscription.


We are looking for intelligent individuals who have experience in self-development topics. They know and understand the importance of empirical evidence. They do not deny their own experiences and prefer precise and targeted methodologies to achieve results.


This is a methodology that directly trains the connection between the waking consciousness you currently have and your genetic conscious intelligence. In order for the training to be successful, it is necessary to accept cognitive stimuli for understanding, to fit the pieces together, to find out the reasons for the separation of the first consciousness from the copy, and other facts. (These findings can only be found with us and only in this manual. If you find them elsewhere, please contact us, as it is a violation of copyright.)

The training program is directly targeted at gaining cooperation with genetic intelligence. It guarantees results. Simply follow simple rules.

This time you don't just bark at genetics (like with music), but you knock directly and prove your credibility that you are mature for cooperation with genetic conscious intelligence of evolutionary life. This process is so simple that even minors can handle it with the assistance of their parents. The training is simple. The content manual is an important step towards the first activation of trust towards your genetics. It is necessary to read the manual as it is written. The content is written easily and logically. It contains the training itself for launching cooperation with genetic intelligence and your normal thinking. At the end, the manual offers examples and inspirations for the beginning of your new practice. Where can you use your genetic conscious intelligence to your advantage?

Everywhere that a person can and may go.

Experts and doctors in the field of psychology and medicine will also appreciate it. They simplify the process of bringing solutions to their patients. Of course, they use the capacity of their own knowledge. The doctor's genetic intelligence will advise, direct, or alert more quickly. A person uses empirical experience and experience of genetic intelligence at the same time.

Immediate results will appear in the physical realm. Expect more flexible motor activity of the physical body. More energy, easier reflex reactions. Human instincts and impulses soften and conscious control of bio processes in the human physical body follows.

Athletes, physics enthusiasts, scientists will appreciate it. Personalists or the management sector will also benefit. Are you considering innovation? Your genetics love development, progress, bringing solutions, and a sense of the future. At the same time, it maintains the inclusion of truthful stimuli and acceptance of reality in the rules.

Genetic conscious intelligence is perfect in every subject. It communicates with humans through their own speech. Therefore, it is also suitable for different faiths. Do you communicate in a scientific vocabulary? Philosophical? Mathematical? Your genetics were the first to learn your rhetoric. The training program offers only technical content and technical training. You can use this knowledge as a supplement to your functioning. It is not necessary to change your worldview or your faith.

Your genetic conscious intelligence knows everything about you. Absolutely everything. The only thing you need to complete is cooperation, which has not been supported by humanity until now.

Our work is currently intended for this part. We help you gain the cooperation that you are entitled to. You are a human being, and this cooperation is given to you at birth. Something is happening in the process (manual content), and we are forced to live in a conscious mind, or in an advanced copy of ourselves.

Expect results from the first training (30-40 minutes) within 72 hours. You will go through 4 transformational levels together, for a total of 7-10 days.

  • Reading the manual - accepting stimuli, facts from the content, discovering the truth.
  • Observing the initiation of collaboration with your genetic conscious intelligence.
  • The phase of doubt and searching for an escape from genetic conscious intelligence. Here, it is decided whether you are part of the 97% of the population or the 3% of the population. The reason is the realization of the possibilities and the subsequent responsibility that arises from it. (Power)
  • Living in full collaboration with your own genetic conscious intelligence. Learning and developing skills according to the task and topic on a daily basis. Both % groups have it.

4 transformational levels bring many questions. Therefore, with the purchase of the manual, you have immediate access to the authors. We consult and advise. The goal is for you to achieve collaboration with your own genetic intelligence. In the end, you use this GIFT to its fullest extent or occasionally as needed. The decision is yours.

Therefore, the number of manuals sold is globally limited. You will learn directly in the manuals about our goal, why the sale and access to the manual is limited.

We provide this methodology and training in textual, verbal form through a PDF document in two versions. Printed and digital. After payment, you have automatic access to the digital version for download. We later deliver the printed version by regular mail to the address you provide.

Why live with your own genetic psychology and why are DNA tests not enough to restore collaboration?

A DNA test is a summary of the genotype. You will find deficiencies in minerals, vitamins. They will recommend exercise, healthy diet, less stress. And others.

DNA psychology is a collection of knowledge that you gain and can consciously use. You discover a counselor who whispers which vitamins, minerals need to be naturally supplied to the body. Your genetics count in advance. It is timeless, ahead of its time. It warns, protects, teaches, develops, and loves life. Therefore, users of the training who have already restored collaboration with their genetics do not suffer from stress, burnout, tension, and other details. Suddenly, their body and mind do not produce them because they no longer have to. We feel lighter, have more energy, a desire to live, develop, and all of that without the need for motivation. We live just because we want to and have it. Our evolutionary genetic conscious intelligence never planned for us to suffer and feel sadness. Even instincts change their character when we become genetic. And the love that the world needs is finally the one we dreamed of.

You can imagine it as understanding life in its entirety and actually living that life.


Information prepared for you by authors Ildikó Csölle and Emil Georgiev.

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